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Julia Landick

Vice President

Caroline Vuckovich


Stella Adams

Web Coordinator

Noah Austin

Events Coordinator

Terrell Spruill


Paula Akakpo

Social Media Coordinator

Kayla Cox

Content Manager

Aleshanee Webb

Service Chair

Lynlee Derrick

DEI Chair

Julita Thanapalasingam

Faculty Advisor

Amaarah DeCuir

We are Students for a Just Society at American University

Our organization was born out of frustration and a sense of overwhelming unfairness. Many of us are students studying justice and law at American University, and we found ourselves angry with the state of the criminal justice system as we learned about it in our classes. We wanted a way to truly enact change in our community and beyond. Students for a Just Society is an organization fighting for justice in the United States by educating our peers, amplifying the work of other justice organizations, and encouraging in-depth dialogue between academics in the field, students with passion and ideas, and officials in the justice system. We hope to make complicated issues in the American justice system more accessible to the general public, so that everyone can better understand the root of the existing problems and the proposed methods of solving those problems. We are a nonpartisan and research-based organization aiming to get everyone involved in criminal justice change at any level.

Students for a Just Society
School of Public Affairs
American University
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