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These articles are all related to racism in the criminal justice system. To open an article, press the arrow icon beside it.

Dawn Butler police stop 'rooted in bias', says UK chief of black police officers

The Guardian

Angela Davis: "We Knew That the Role of Police was to Protect White Supremacy".

The Guardian

The Struggle to Abolish the Police is not New.

The Boston Review

On this day: June 17, 1971 President Nixon Declares "War on Drugs" That Targeted Communities of Color.

Equal Justice Institute

The Hidden Constitutional Costs of the Carceral System

The Atlantic

Trump Threatens Prison For Attempts To Topple Statues. Here's The Law He Cites.


Tech Companies Are Limiting Police Use of Facial Recognition. Here's Why


Why There's a Push To Get Police Out Of Schools


50 Nights Of Unrest in Portland

New York Times

Systemic Racism In The Criminal Justice System Explained by Black Female Judge


Predictive Policing Algorithms are Racist. They Need To Be Dismantled.

MIT Technological Review

Should the US Designate Racial Violence as Terrorism?


Patience is a Dirty Word

Ibram X. Kendi, The Atlantic

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