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A Progressive Prosecutor Faces Off With Portland's Aggresive Police

The Intercept

As a cop, I killed someone. Then I found out it happens more often than we know

The Guardian

What 'Defund the Police' Actually Means

The Atlantic

How Police Misconduct Affects Cities And Taxpayers Financially


We train police to be warriors — and then send them out to be social workers


Support for Defunding The Police Department is Growing. Here's Why It's Not a Silver Bullet.

The Marshall Project

Angela Davis: "We Knew That the Role of Police was to Protect White Supremacy".

The Guardian

The Movement To Defund Or Disband The Police: Here's Everything You Need To Know


What to Know About Calls to Defund Police in California

The New York Times

Confessions of a Former Bastard Cop


Congress Is Going to Have to Repeal Qualified Immunity

The Atlantic

Tech Companies Are Limiting Police Use of Facial Recognition. Here's Why


Oakland School Board Unanimously Votes to Disband Its Own Police Force

Truth Out

Colorado Governor Signs Sweeping Police Reform Bill Ending Qualified Immunity, Banning Chokeholds

The Hill

Police Violated Human Rights of George Floyd Protesters 125 Times: Amnesty International


How The U.S. Got Its Police Force


Predictive Policing Algorithms are Racist. They Need To Be Dismantled.

MIT Technological Review

It’s Time to Make Police Disciplinary Records Public

Innocence Project

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