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This page provides links to some major justice and criminology organizations that have useful and insightful information on their websites to help you learn more. One of the first steps of fighting for criminal justice reform is educating yourself about what needs to change and why, and these groups give a great starting point in answering those questions. To open a link and explore their website, press the arrow icon near their description.

“the artifice of justice”: A Conversation with Reginald Betts, Candice C. Jones, and Richard Ross

This video showing a discussion between 3 prominent artists and activists, explores the role of art and its impact in pushing for, and in some cases demanding, social change.

Prison Policy Initiative

Provides cutting edge research to shed light on the many problems with the institution of mass incarceration.

Vera Institute of Justice

Advocates for and provides research supporting large scale criminal justice reform focused on improving racial disparities within mass incarceration.

Equal Justice Initiative

Founded by the author of Just Mercy, EJI challenges racial injustice and excessive and unfair punishments through advocacy. EJI also created and runs the Legacy Museum, which focuses on exposing the historic, purposeful shift from slavery to mass incarceration in America.

Innocence Project

Provides legal representation to potentially wrongfully convicted individuals throughout the appeal process and provides data about wrongful convictions.

Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice

Focused on changing systems of justice through policy reform to decrease society's reliance on incarceration as a solution to social problems.

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