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These articles are all related to the courts and constitutional concerns. To open an article, press the arrow icon beside it.

Did the 1994 crime bill cause mass incarceration?


Dismiss Minor Misdemeanors During the Pandemic

The Atlantic

Legal aid services are on brink of collapse, lawyers tell MPs

The Guardian

The Hidden Constitutional Costs of the Carceral System

The Atlantic

Wrongful Convictions

The Equal Justice Initiative

The Trump Administration's Incompetence was the Saving Grace for 700,000 Dreamers

The Atlantic

Congress Is Going to Have to Repeal Qualified Immunity

The Atlantic

One Change that Could Make American Criminal Justice Fairer

The Atlantic

Colorado Governor Signs Sweeping Police Reform Bill Ending Qualified Immunity, Banning Chokeholds

The Hill

FBI Expands Ability to Collect Cellphone Location Data, Monitor Social Media, Recent Contracts Show

The Intercept

VIDEO: Why America's Police Look Like Soldiers


The Supreme Court Upheld DACA but the Trump Administration Still Won't Let Immigrants Apply For It


Court Delivers Major Victory to LGBTQ Employees


Colorado Becomes Eleventh State to Ban Gay Panic Defense

The Denver Post

'Fill that seat': Trump's weaponizing of the courts will be his lasting legacy

The Guardian

Should the US Designate Racial Violence as Terrorism?


Life Without Parole for Kids Is Cruelty With No Benefit

The Atlantic

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